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It’s been a year since the end of the war. It’s been a year, and negotiations for peace are still being handled. Fire Lord Zuko has a lot on his plate, and there is a whisper of discontent in the air.

Amid the peace that has been hard-won, a council has been created featuring members of each of the Nations, as well as the Avatar. The goal of this National Council is simple - to prevent an atrocity like Sozin’s War from ever happening again.

Resurgence is a sandbox Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Aang role-play set one year after the end of the Hundred Year War. We accept both canons and original characters, and take the story in any direction we'd like, exploring the semantics and problems of a war-torn world rebuilding. We are rated PG-13 with optional mature content.


On this page, you can see a full listing of all players on this site, as well as the current active characters they play. Non-Player characters, as they do not really "belong" to any one person, do not appear on this list. Characters that are pending, or incomplete, are also not on this list.


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