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It’s been a year since the end of the war. It’s been a year, and negotiations for peace are still being handled. Fire Lord Zuko has a lot on his plate, and there is a whisper of discontent in the air.

Amid the peace that has been hard-won, a council has been created featuring members of each of the Nations, as well as the Avatar. The goal of this National Council is simple - to prevent an atrocity like Sozin’s War from ever happening again.

Resurgence is a sandbox Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Aang role-play set one year after the end of the Hundred Year War. We accept both canons and original characters, and take the story in any direction we'd like, exploring the semantics and problems of a war-torn world rebuilding. We are rated PG-13 with optional mature content.

Water Tribe
Played By Lenara

Gender: Male
Nationality: Water Tribe
Alliance: Southern Water tribe

Faolan has dark brown hair that is vaguely wavy. Most of it is usually tamed by being put up in a warrior's wolf tail. What would be bangs if they were shorter, are usually braided and ended off with two light blue beads. There are only two strands of braided hair, one on either side of his face.

His complexion is dark, even among his own tribe. His skin is riddled with light silver scars, especially on his hands and arms. He has bright blue eyes, though among his tribe they do not stand out very much.

Faolan is about five foot six. He has a very powerful build, with lots of muscle though he isn't too bulky.

Faolan grew up quietly in the southern water tribe. Raids occurred, they were simply a fact of life. Growing up in the south pole isn't always easy. But, Faolan wouldn't have traded his childhood for the world. He grew up with tales of the Fire Nation and their atrocities, even when years spanned between raids. The stories were told so no one would forget who the enemies were - as if any of the Southern Tribe could forget.

Faolan trained early to learn the skills to protect his home, and feed his family. Those skills were necessary in a small tribe, everyone had to look after one another. He was always behind Hakoda, but he accepted that as just another part of life. Besides, Hakoda was destined to be the Chief. He always looked up to the older boy, and his friend Bato.

Finally, Faolan turned sixteen. He was given his trial, and then considered a full warrior. Things were quiet. He was happy, all way well. Hakoda became chief, but nothing else really changed. Until it was discovered that Katara could water bend. Even then, visibly, not much changed... but things were more tense. Everyone was worried that something would go wrong. The girl's gift was also a curse for the tribe.

But it seemed that nothing would happen...until that fateful day. The tribe was attacked. The raiders were looking for the last Waterbender, but they killed many others besides. It was not until the raiders were withdrawing that Faolan learned of Kya's fate.

After that, the tribe mourned. Faolan's father had been lost in the fight, honorably, he had died. Faolan mourned him appropriately, but continued his duties to provide for and defend the tribe.

Three years passed, and then Hakoda announced that he and the other warriors would be leaving to help fight the war. Faolan trusted Hakoda to make the right decisions as to what was best for the tribe. He followed without question. For two years they fought, making no headway, but not losing ground, either. And then...the Avatar came.

Things were not smooth sailing for that fact, but it did give some hope to the warriors who believed in him. When the invasion failed, Faolan was imprisoned. Unlike Hakoda he was not freed. It wasn't until after the coronation of Prince - Now Fire Lord Zuko, that Faolan and the other warriors were released. Then, he went home. He was happy to see the icy land scape of the southern water tribe.

Faolan is very skilled with a scimitar made of whale bone, this is his primary weapon against humans. He is also a proficient hunter using the spear, being able to fish and take down game, usually without any aid. While fairly intelligent, Faolan lacks the ability to read. Despite this lack, he is fairly capable of helping plan, resource wise.

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